A new look, a renewed focus

You may have noticed that we’re looking a little different! But it’s not just the way we look that’s changed.

We believe our brand has never been about our logo or marketing, it has always been about the strength of the relationships we’ve built with our clients over time. How they feel about us, their levels of satisfaction with the service we provide, and the peace of mind they feel knowing they are protected should the worst happen, is how we measure our success.

We don’t mind being frank. It’s what makes us different.

We put the security and prosperity of our clients first and we believe an open and honest dialogue is the key to successful partnerships and successful outcomes. If the right cover comes at the lowest cost, great! Equally, if the right cover means paying more, we will do the responsible thing and recommend it.

We’ve always put you first, and the core of our refreshed brand is about building even stronger relationships with our clients. Our renewed focus is embodied in our customer care charter and the eight key pledges that redefine the way we will work together.

To find out about what it means to have Austcover on your side, and to discover more about the pledges we’ve made, take a look at the ‘What makes us different’ section of this website.

Whatever happens, we’ll always put your best interests first and deliver a service that’s second to none. That’s why we’re proud to claim there’s cover… and then there’s Austcovered.

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