Our business is 
knowing yours.


We believe that open, professional and efficient communication sits at the heart of our operation. It builds partnerships and creates value. It helps to reduce misunderstandings. 

It creates a culture whereby collaborative action recognises and eliminates barriers to success. We take pride in tailoring solutions to suit your business.

Our services in brief

Corporate Insurance Services

Our corporate and large SME clients have businesses that tend to be dynamic and complex, which is why the risk exposures faced require more analytical and innovative solutions. We have deep functional and industry expertise as well as a global insurance market reach. We are passionate about taking on challenges that matter to our clients where advice, commitment, creativity and service represent the foundation of our relationships.
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  • Risk scoping and analysis
  • Program design and placement
  • Risk control
  • Integrated service and claims


Small Business Insurance Services

As an entrepreneur, risk is part of your nature. You borrow money, you hire staff and you have a vision. It’s what makes you successful. People admire you for what you’ve achieved, but what they don’t realise is that your success isn’t just because of how hard you’ve worked. It’s about the risks you’ve taken. Most businesses quickly realise their needs extend beyond liability and motor insurance. Certain jobs require specific coverages and there are risks that fall outside the protection of basic liability coverage. Our flexible options make it easy to get customised business insurance to match each stage of the business life cycle.
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  • Audit of specific insurance needs
  • Advice about the most suitable package
  • Negotiation of competitive premiums
  • Efficient claims service


Specialist Industry Insurance Services

Specialist industries require specialist insurance knowledge. We believe that clients achieve greater value working with individuals who have solid exposure to complex risk issues within specialist areas. Our highly skilled and technically experienced advisers can provide quality professional advice and personal service across a wide range of industries.
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  • Childcare
  • Community Care
  • Building & Construction
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality & Clubs
  • Landcare
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Mining Services
  • Professional Services


Life Insurance & Wealth Protection

There are many ways in which a qualified and reputable financial adviser can help you when it comes to your life insurance plan. Austcover has an experienced adviser ready to help in this area.
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  • Review existing plans and policies to ensure you are adequately covered
  • Offering valuable advice on life insurance products and services to best suit your needs
  • Providing access to useful tools and resources