Our business is 
knowing yours.


Our corporate and large SME clients have businesses that tend to be dynamic and complex, which is why the risk exposures faced require more analytical and innovative solutions. We have deep functional and industry expertise

as well as a global insurance market reach. We are passionate about taking on challenges that matter to our clients where advice, commitment, creativity and service represent the foundation of our relationships.

  • Risk scoping and analysis
  • Program design and placement
  • Risk control
  • Integrated service and claims


  • Support
    We provide you with a 24-hour emergency contact number. We’re here to help.
  • Trust
    We never lose sight of the fact that we are acting for you. As your trusted adviser, we consistently provide you with access to our specialists through an engaging service model that is well planned, consultative and realistic where promises made will be delivered.
  • Expertise
    We use our technical skills and expertise to address risk and insurance needs like no one else can.
  • Confidence
    We deal with financially secure markets and encourage clients to meet with insurance providers to help build a stronger understanding between all parties.
  • Transparency
    We offer transparency in our dealings and welcome feedback that will help us to meet your expectations.


Transferring insurable risk is all too often treated in a transactional fashion, and managed by broking teams with very little experience. We thrive on finding structured solutions for complex risk scenarios and take pride in presenting new and often ground breaking perspectives on design and placement strategies, as well as the management of risk. Having programs managed by knowledgeable and experienced people who understand the business is a critical success factor in differentiating your risk and delivering confidence and financial security.

Risk scoping and analysis

Our clients benefit from our consultative approach to advanced risk solutions and analysis. We will conduct interviews with the appropriate individuals within your organisation to enable us to design a program meeting your specific exposures. Through demystifying the process our clients are able to appreciate the options available in delivering an optimal risk solution that meets objectives.

Program design and placement

Each client has unique needs and we take great pride in developing customised solutions that meet or exceed requirements. Following our risk scoping and analysis a program will be presented to the market. By aligning client needs to market capabilities the optimum sustainable insurance program will be achieved.

Risk control

Through collaboration with insurance providers and other external risk experts, we can deliver proactive risk control guidance incorporating prevention, avoidance and transfer strategies aimed at reducing risk, maintaining risk transfer cost and ultimately protecting your business.

Integrated service and claims

Service and claims management are the day-to-day elements that should follow smoothly if the initial risk scoping, design and placement has been successfully achieved. This is especially true for companies with adverse loss records or those that have evolved in structure, as this creates a new dimension which requires an independent program review.


As part of our commitment to provide you with quality service, we plan and structure our servicing arrangements. This will ensure that you know what insurance services we provide and also what you need to do to assist us.

Risk Profile

The first step in our relationship is to undertake a client needs analysis. This is a detailed examination of your current insurance program including exclusions and a review of uninsured areas. This enables us to determine key risk, understand their financial impact and determine the limits required to be covered by insurance.

Insurance program

We will present you with an insurance manual including our recommendations, enhancements and advice in relation to risk management and reduction.

Pre renewal review

We will arrange a meeting to revise the client needs analysis, discuss renewal of your existing policies and your insurance needs for the forthcoming year.

Renewal Report

A comprehensive list of all updated insurance covers together with any alterations or additions and further recommendations will be presented. 


You can expect a proactive and efficient approach to handling all your insurance enquiries.  Features of our service delivery can include:

Contract reviews – we will provide a timely and detailed review of insurance clauses in your contracts to ensure compliance

Claims management – we will always keep you up to date with the progress of your claim and encourage your feedback and interaction at all times

Risk management – we will provide you with guidance on the implementation of loss control initiatives where required