Specialist advice, 
for specialist industries.


Specialist industries require specialist insurance knowledge. We believe that clients achieve greater value working with individuals who have solid exposure to complex risk issues within specialist areas.

Our highly skilled and technically experienced advisers can provide quality professional advice and personal service across a wide range of industries.




Our services in brief


Insurance protection for people and organisations providing childcare services.

At Austcover, we’re known for the care we take, the trust we engender and the reliable and personal service we provide. We are experienced in this challenging industry, so we know the issues and risks and can help you navigate safely through its highly regulated environment and the many demanding procedural and administrative requirements that apply.

Whether you’re an owner, director, home carer or volunteer, we’re here to make it easier for you to get the right cover. We’ll guide you through the range of products available, provide specialist insurance advice and tailor a solution specifically suited to your needs.

Community Care

Our specialist community group insurance program can provide comprehensive cover for a multitude of risks facing community groups and associations including charities, fundraising groups, social services, youth centres, disability services and aged care facilities.

Community organisations need insurance to protect against the risks associated with their annual ongoing activities and also for one off single events that may be undertaken from time to time. We understand the complex and specific challenges that community groups face and every organisation is unique. We will ensure that your insurance cover is tailored with your specific needs in mind.

Building & Construction

If your business operates within the building, construction and property development industry, you cannot afford to be without the support of a specialist broker. Austcover prides itself on its knowledge and expertise in this sector and can support you and your construction projects from inception to completion and beyond.

We believe that providing the right insurance protection starts with an indepth understanding of your business. Our construction experts provide customised products and tailored programs and services to help reduce your risk.


A common mistake businesses make is underinsurance and the education sector is no exception. Choosing the right insurance partner is vital. It’s something that needs to be put in place correctly from the outset. It’s too late once a crisis occurs. Just because you have insurance, does not mean you are adequately insured.

Austcover understands how to mitigate against risks specifically associated with the education and training sector. For instance, there is a lot of variation on insurance needs between colleges. This is largely determined by the college’s curriculum. For example, the risks involved with an aviation college are going to be very different to that of a business college. As your broker, we will understand and review your business when tailoring insurance programs.


As engineers your primary role is to deliver innovative designs, so why not leave protecting your practice to the experts. At Austcover, our specialist advisers ensure your insurance program is tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. We have the expertise to not only manage related risks associated with the engineering sector, but specialist knowledge in the area of contractual risk.

As your risk management partner, Austcover provides more than an insurance policy. You can benefit from specialised brokers assisting with practice issues such as contract reviews and client education, as well as loss prevention and education programs tailored for engineers.

Hospitality & Clubs

The hospitality industry has its own unique risks. For those operating in this industry, you will be well aware of the many risks due to the high public exposure, labour intensity, statutory obligations and fire exposures. Austcover is highly experienced in this industry, so we provide cover options to suit individual needs. Our insurance advisers keep up-to-date with changes to legislation, which is important for businesses within hospitality where existing laws are constantly under review.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a club operator or a hotelier, we utilise claims management specialists to minimise loss and ultimately to protect you and your business.


Insurance is an essential part of modern life, to protect assets and people. Your group organises and carries out activities that have potential to damage people and/or property. If you have volunteers or you’re employing a coordinator, facilitator or other casual staff, you also take on the responsibilities of an employer. If something goes wrong, insurance can act as a financial buffer to the consequences of that misfortune so it is essential that appropriate coverage is in place.

There are a number of different classes of insurance for you to consider. Austcover has specialist insurance arrangements in place which are designed for Landcare groups and specifically suited to your needs.

Manufacturing & Industrial

The manufacturing sector covers a hugely diverse range of product types and manufacturing methods. The industry is exposed to a wide range of issues not only from the perils that can affect production, but also potential lawsuits brought upon them by purchasers and/or users of their products. Each business needs to be reviewed on its own merit and depending on specialities the risks involved can be varied.

Whatever your business, one of our experienced advisers can work with you to understand your needs. We will work in partnership with you and formulate an insurance program for your business that will help protect you against potential issues.

Mining Services

The mining services sector is unlike any other and has a unique set of risks that can be extreme and complex. These risks range from damage to extraction, processing and transport equipment and financial risks which include foreign exchange movements and capital adequacy requirements. So whether the risk is a large mobile plant or a bond for performance on a contract, we will tailor your program to meet your specific needs.

We will identify the risks and threats you face. With us as your risk management partner you can benefit from specialised brokers delivering training and contract reviews as well as loss prevention and education programs. At Austcover, we can assist with a range of risk solutions which allow you to tackle opportunities with greater confidence and knowledge that measures have been put in place to reduce the volatility and impact of a loss.

Professional Services

An ever increasing litigious environment has seen executives and professionals exposed to a growing number of corporate and personal professional risks. Individuals and companies who carry out professional services such as accountants, engineers, architects, lawyers, financial planners and project managers are legally liable for their actions. Increasingly we are witnessing contracts being imposed upon individuals and organisations requiring cover to be placed in these fields. Even if there is no error or omission on behalf of the professional the costs of defending such claims can be very costly.

Irrespective of the professional service that you specialise in, it is imperative for you to have an insurance solution to protect your assets, your people and most importantly the future of your business. Like you, we also provide a professional service, which helps us to truly understand your risk exposures and the significant impact they can have on the financial strength of your organisation. We aim to provide you with peace of mind, so you can focus on doing what you do best.