Flexible options,
tailored to you.


As an entrepreneur, risk is part of your nature. You borrow money, you hire staff and you have a vision. It’s what makes you successful. People admire you for what you’ve achieved, but what they don’t realise is that your success isn’t just because of how hard you’ve worked. It’s about the risks you’ve taken. Most businesses quickly

realise their needs extend beyond liability and motor insurance. Certain jobs require specific coverages and there are risks that fall outside the protection of basic liability coverage. Our flexible options make it easy to get customised business insurance to match each stage of the business life cycle.

  • Audit of specific insurance needs
  • Advice about the most suitable package
  • Negotiation of competitive premiums
  • Efficient claims service
  • Why engage us?

    • Support
      We provide you with a 24-hour emergency claims service. We’re here to help.
    • Trust
      We never lose sight of the fact that we are acting for you.
    • Expertise
      Work with our brokers who will explain the policy to you in plain language.
    • Confidence
      We have access to a wide range of insurance companies which are selected for their security and flexibility.
    • Transparency
      We offer transparency in our dealings and welcome feedback that will help us to meet your expectations.


    Everyone has a different level of risk and before you can start to manage your risks you need to identify them. These will be a combination of your business circumstances, property type, value and often location. Not only does each individual and business have a slightly different level of risk but everyone will choose to manage the risks they face differently. Every insurer offers products that vary significantly in coverage, terms and conditions, exclusions and cost. It is important to remember that the least expensive policy is not always the one that is best for you.

    Audit of specific insurance needs

    We all get busy with daily life and before you know it, a year has slipped by without giving your insurance coverage a second thought. It is essential that your insurance policies reflect your business now, not the way it was when you first signed up. So, keep your insurance policies up to date and for a full review come in and see us.

    Advice about the most suitable package

    There are a number of risks to your business and it is important to discuss your needs with us to ensure that your business is protected from these potential events. Our brokers will help you to customise a solution to ensure your business is adequately protected.

    Negotiation of competitive premiums

    Using a broker doesn’t necessarily cost more. We have knowledge of the insurance market and the ability to negotiate value for money premiums on your behalf. In addition, we deal with a range of insurance companies and sometimes have access to policies that are not available to most consumers.

    Efficient claims service

    We see the settlement of insurance claims as core to our business and have built a dedicated claims team around this principle. We will take the lead in managing your insurance claim and will keep you informed of developments on a regular basis. We ensure that any settlement offers are consistent within the terms and conditions of the policy wording and negotiate the best possible outcome. We advocate for you.


    Insurance can be incredibly complicated and we can help you understand the details of policies and work out what level of cover you need. We can arrange and place the cover on your behalf and provide advice on how to make the most of your insurance budget. Going direct to an insurance company may sometimes appear cheaper, but without the specific interpretation and tailoring to your needs, this may well turn out to be an expensive exercise. We will explain your policy and advise on any special situations you need to watch out for.

    As your business grows or your life changes, the types and levels of insurance policies that you need will change too. Having an ongoing relationship with us means that you can keep us informed of any changes that may affect your insurance and we can adjust your policies accordingly, formulating new cover where necessary. Your account manager is always available to discuss your situation and review your existing policies to ensure that you are adequately covered.

    We strongly recommend an annual review. Be wary of automatically renewing any policies that are due for expiry, as your circumstances may have changed or you may be providing new activities or services which are not covered by your existing policy. Our staff have the industry qualifications, knowledge and experience to tailor an insurance solution to suit your needs. We are not a call centre, we are a local business who is here when you need us.